Tips on New Jersey Auto Insurance Quote Comparison

Every year, hundreds of thousands of New Jersey residents consider re-evaluating their car insurance.  It is hard to blame them.  Paying some of the highest rates in the nation, driving in New Jersey isn’t cheap (well the gas prices are amazing, but you get our point.)  To help reduce the price the average New Jersey driver pays per year in car related costs, individuals decide to do their own New Jersey auto insurance quote comparison. How can you do this?  Let’s take a moment to review this deceptively simple process so that you can shave off hundreds of dollars in your car insurance bills every year.

Reducing What You Pay

As an individual, you are constantly changing.  Even if you are unaware of it, it is happening.  Car insurance companies keep track of these changes and often use them to determine what rate you have.  A common example is age.  The rates for car insurance for new drivers are incredibly high.  Compare that to a person 3 years older, and the drop off in costs are staggering.  So, by collecting auto insurance quotes every year, you may drop a level in terms of risk and wind up saving.  How safe of a driver you are can help as well, with every year of safe driving helping to decrease your costs even more.

The Process

Begin by evaluating your current auto insurance quote.  Look through the coverage that you currently have, and record the amount, as well as the coverage range for every single thing covered.  Next, begin contacting car insurance companies licensed to legally provide New Jersey auto insurance quotes like  This will typically take a few hours.  Once you have this information, contact your current insurance provider and tell them that you will be switching to another provider.  Give them an opportunity to reduce the rate you are paying on your car insurance.  If your current insurer has a deal you like, take it.  If not, you will have an alternative that you can switch to for a better rate.

Making The Process Easier.

There are New Jersey auto insurance quote comparison websites and services provided useful information for those looking for a better rate.  Designed to do all the work for you, they can quickly summarize how much car insurance will cost from each of the potential providers.  While these resource are time saving, the New Jersey auto insurance quote comparison websites can sometimes get it wrong.  Doing it yourself ensures the very best quote possible.

Three things about buying individual Illinois health insurance plans


Yes, the ACA has definitely made some major improvements to the world of health insurance in the United States. But there are still a lot of unknowns that people have to navigate when they go to purchase their own individual health insurance that makes the process a little more complex and convoluted than most expected it to be.

Thankfully, with the information below, you should be able to navigate the health insurance marketplace without too much trouble. You’ll be able to find the right plan for your needs (and your budget), all without having to deal with the headache and hassle that others contend with.

Let’s dive in!

Make sure that you get in under the deadline and cutoff date

For starters, you should realize that the Health Insurance Marketplace for individuals is not open 24/7, 365 days a year.

No, you’re only going to be able to purchase individual Illinois health insurance plans from during the “Open Enrollment Period”.

This year’s open enrollment period was between November 15, 2015 and January 31, 2016, so you’ll have to make sure that you move quickly to get your hands on a quality individual health insurance plan or you’re going to have to wait until November – and go without coverage until you’re able to sign up.

Always ask about possible subsidies that you can take advantage of

Secondly, you’re going to want to make sure that you contact health insurance counselors (almost all major medical facilities and hospitals employ them and offer their services free of charge) to ask them about any potential subsidies you’ll be able to take advantage of.

The ACA goes a long way towards helping people afford individual health insurance that they might not have been able to otherwise, and a lot of that is possible through the subsidies that they provide. Not everyone will qualify for these deals or discounts, but you’ll want to figure out which ones you are eligible for so that you don’t pay any more out-of-pocket than absolutely necessary.


Move forward with the most valuable plan (not necessarily the cheapest)

Finally, it’s important that you remember the clear distinction between the cheapest individual Illinois health insurance plans and the most valuable. There’s no sense whatsoever in spending any money on insurance that you’ll never use, so look for a valuable plan that may be slightly more expensive, but provide you with the coverage and peace of mind you deserve.