Theatres Des Vampires were amongst the progenitors of a sound that would later come to be known as Vampiric Metal.

Their maniacal search for all things Vampiric has resulted in a gothic and horrifying image that has inspired a near-religious following from their fans. Initially inspired strongly by symphonic black metal, Theatres Des Vampires has since evolved a sound all their own; a masterful blend of influences ranging from gothic to classical, electronic to opera.

Theatres Des Vampires have created a personal style of melancholia and crepuscular melodies.
The sepulchral wedding of Sonya Scarlet and her male counterpart creates a vocal incarnation that is both catchy and powerful.
The band has produced 7 albums in 10 years, always under the big English label Plastic Head, and has become more famous with each passing year in Europe, South America, and Russia.
The concerts and festivals all over the world are a testimony to this success. Highlights include festivals such as Vampyria III in London (1999), Gods of Metal in Italy (2000), Gothic Treffen in Lipsia (2003 and 2006), Gotham in London (2004), and the Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium in (2006).

In 2003 they toured Europe extensively alongside Christian Death, and in the same year recorded an album with Valor (Christian Death) and Gian Pyras (Cradle of Filth) as special guests.

Theatres Des Vampires has no trouble drawing a crowd to their shows. Their theatrics have grown increasingly elaborate over the years, including such attractions as fireworks that have on occasion caused a bit of conflict with local laws of the countries where they are playing. Once, in 2003, a bishop in Italy was brought in to bless and exorcise the site of a Theatres Des Vampires show.
The event was covered by Italian newspapers.

Since 2004, Sonya Scarlet has remained the sole vocalist of the band.
This has given her the opportunity to truly show her talents as a gifted and enchanting front woman.
Needless to say, she has been very enthusiastically accepted by the fans. So involved is Scarlet on stage that she has on many occasions scarred herself with a razor to allow fans the opportunity to drink of her blood and share her immortality.
This was forbidden in 2005 by several English clubs, as it violates the English laws against the incitement to suicide.
The band, however, will not be intimidated, and their live shows will continue in their full theatrical, bloody, sensual, horrifying glory. Pleasure and Pain, released by Theatres Des Vampires was published the 18th of November, 2005.
Music critics and fans consider it to be the best album of their career, upon first listening.
Special guests on this album include Bruno Kramm from Das Ich, Flegias from Necrodeath, Dhiloz from Ancient, and members from Ensoph and Stormlord.

October 2006 saw the release of their first live DVD, which featured footage from their “The Addiction tour” of 2006.
This was immediately considered by the fans a must-have release.

Now with the release of “Desire of Damnation” in March, 2007, the band set a new standard of quality in their sound and their production.

Are you ready for a new era in vampirism?


Theatres des Vampires and Plastic Head LTD are very pleased to announce the official release date of the new Double Album “Desires of Damnation- The AddictionTour 2007”